Connections we enjoy

We are inspired by the culture that surrounds us, the quality that we expect when traveling and the connections we enjoy in our lives.

We create places for connection.

Connections that are created through spaces, food, conversations, culture, people and nature.
ALTO ist based in South Tyrol, Italy, and offers project development for the travel industry, reviving structures & improving operations.

The neighborhoods we want to live in.

ALTO was founded by the brothers Klaus and Moritz Dissertori. Through experiences in international hospitality, portfolio management and consulting, they observed how the needs and wishes of modern travelers are changing. The aim of ALTO is to meet, satisfy and exceed those needs.

Moritz and Klaus were born in South Tyrol. They left to build a professional international practice, to have inspiring experiences, and to gain a fresh perspective on their home. Now they build neighborhoods that they want to live in.